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Good Medicine

psychedelic_marijuana_artTell me the story again,
the one about God.
Tell me he loves me,
that he truly cares.
Tell me he gave me life,
gave me form.
Tell me he gave me food,
water to live.
Fruit to vine,
fruit from root.
Tell me again,
how he gave me earth,
ground to stand upon.
Tell me he knows me,
knows me intimate.
Seeing me more clearly,
then I could ever hope to see myself.
Then explain,
I beg.
Explain how you can dictate,
what I take from this gift.
What tools I use,
that he gave me,
to survive.
Tell me again,
of how you know his will.
Tell me again how yours,
is the only truth to be had.
Guide me,
lie to me,
keep me safe from myself.
You have decided what your God is,
I have learned of mine.
Can you not just find happiness,
happiness that I at least know God.
Feel the energy of this creator,
falling carelessly into the web he cast.
Getting stuck,
shaking it off and rolling deeper.
I am finding the center,
trickling ever closer.
Let me be,
you find the center your way,
leave me to mine.
We will only ever always,
meet in the middle.
‘Jake Sellers ’12

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River Dreams Pt.2

It is human nature…
to question our nature.
It is human emotion…
that has destroyed all emotion.
It therefore absolutely must be stated…
that our ability to think,
is what shall destroy us.
Or rather perhaps…
our ability to hate…
to murder…
to take…
and fucking take…
that shall destroy us.
We collect trophies of the lost,
keeping them proudly displayed,
upon each of our sleeves.
What is it that drives us…
drives us to war?
What is it that takes us…
takes us to war?
Looking inward…
then outward…
then up…
then down…
finding little more than more questions.
For every question answered…
is but another found.
They keep piling,
and all the while the war machines,
they keep firing.
We are drowning in them,
answering and finding,
so very many questions.
More need to turn inward.
Remove the physical,
remove borders,
remove nations,
remove God,
remove yourself…
and see the river.
Watch it flow eternal…
watch it…
Feel the pain…
feel the loss…
but know love…
know happiness…
know yourself.
Find the center…
expand it…
till yours and mine…
Let us grow outward…
let us end this…
Jake Sellers 12
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Planted in Stone

I am laying down and giving in,
to the mother of invention.
I have killed every motive,
as well as every intention.
I have tried so very hard,
for so very long.
I have grown weak,
and then grown strong.
I wish I could do this,
I wish I could save you.
But not much do I know,
but what I know is true.
I can’t lay down here,
and wait for you to awake.
I can’t watch you intently,
awaiting for something to break.
Just watch the war,
as it wages within.
Trying to reach through,
time and time again.
I cannot watch it destroy you,
cannot stand the pain.
Written plainly on your face,
watching your soul slowly drain.
Watching you weaken under them,
falling to the ground.
Watching you get lost,
caught up in the sound.
I have tried before,
will not try anymore.
For only you, the missing pieces,
may restore.
when next we meet,
may you have rock,
beneath your feet.
Jake Sellers 12
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Natural Grip

I’m a dying whisper,
a sad twist of fate.
I’m a soothing anger,
of mellow hate.
Open your heart,
let me in.
Open your mind,
please allow me to begin.
I’m a little off,
some say insane.
I’m slightly soft,
bringing chilling pain.
I am the fruits,
of their labor.
Every false prophet,
every real neighbor.
They have created in me,
a will to survive.
Little did they know,
I would find myself alive.
better than ever before.
anger roiling in my core.
I have come,
I tore a hole through it,
So do your worst,
do your best.
Beat me down,
and put me to the test.
But know this,
know one thing.
I have come,
Sent here to help,
help stoke the fire.
So give in,
give in to desire.
Do what you will,
what you will to each other.
Strike him down,
your own Goddamned brother.
Try to find it,
a little respect.
Each thrust only tightens,
Take her,
bring her to the ground.
But remember this,
for hearing it will be the last sound.
With primal scream,
and fluid grace.
I shall remove,
Expose you,
for what you really are.
A demon,
touched by the wish of a star.
A magical mask,
a villainous trick.
A broken neck,
and an exposed logic.
So before you go,
removing the head of a hydra.
Maybe think a bit,
and don’t go fucking with karma.
Jake Sellers 12

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Paradise Drift

Now watch as I close my eyes,
then leave this world behind.
Watch as I set sail into the vastness,
that is my own mind.
Watch as I leave behind,
all the hate, lies and fear.
I have had enough of this place,
time to leave here.
Time to leave the hourglass shattered,
and the sand within scattered.
I exist in this place,
I know it to be real.
A place so comfortable,
you know just how to feel.
Free from the lies,
pulsing out their godforsaken eyes.
Free from the pain,
threatening to overwhelm and drive you insane.
Free from the hate,
telling you misery is your fate.
Flow with the love,
all the way up above,
the smoke,
that makes you cough and choke,
and gasp,
and grasp,
for air,
just longing for someone to care.
The air is clear here,
heaven so near.
Snap back,
panic attack,
strikes through,
rending every goddamned inch of you.
Left broke down,
lying on the floor,
and for some reason you keep begging for more.
I can lead you away,
take my hand,
let me save you today.
Follow me,
together we can be,
Jake Sellers 12 

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The sins of the father should not be passed down to children

So I find myself thinking more and more about racism these days. Mainly because I find this to be a touchy subject and I kinda wanted to rant about it. First and foremost I would like to express that I am not racist in any way shape or form. In my eyes racism is hating or disliking people for the color of their skin. I do not dislike any person based off of what they look like. I dislike people based on their actions and how they treat other human beings. I try not to hate though cause hate is, and I truly believe this, what drives us apart. I am white. Does this mean that I should feel like a piece of shit for the things my ancestors have done? Hell no. I am white but that doesn’t define me as a human being. Being Scottish/English doesn’t define who I am, it may define how I look but not who I am. The same goes for being black. Just because you are black it doesn’t define you to be anything. Being African American doesn’t force you to do anything or be anything. What we are, and who we are is eternal and it’s all in the brain. Every single human being whether black, white, brown, yellow, we all use a brain to function the same working organs and body parts. We all bleed. We all have a subconscious mind. We all are connected somehow on a subconscious level. Yet we are divided cause we are not in tune to that part of our brain. We focus too much on what’s on the outside that we forget that everything needed to be anything is on the inside. This goes with so many venues of human society. Prejudice as a whole really. Sexism, racism, looking down on others. It squelches people’s path to self discovery which is, in my opinion, one of the most evil sins of all. Crimes against one another, or just words thrown out. Now I, myself personally don’t believe in bad words I believe in bad intentions. If I say something, it should not be misconstrued as racist or sexist or that I hate someone. It should be taken in the context it was said in. For example if I were to say this joke. What do you say if you’re t.v is floating? Smile so I can see you’re black ass. Does this make me racist? People may read this and find me contradicting in a way or find me infuriating and believe me it was not my intent but read that joke. Think about it seriously. It’s not racist to say black people are hard to see in the dark. It’s not. It’s not racist to say my pale ginger ass glows in the sun. I am a god damn lighthouse with my shirt off. However a joke like this being said by a person of my complexion is very vilified. I’m not the villain, the part of your brain that says I am a racist for saying this is. Now, I won’t go so far as to say racism doesn’t exist. It does, in the hearts and minds of all ethnic backgrounds. Some white people are retarded enough to say they hate everyone who isn’t white. The Ku Klux Klan, Aryan brotherhood, Black Panthers. They are all the same, breeding lies and hatred through out these lands. That’s right I am putting the Black Panthers in the same group as the K.K.K and the Aryan brotherhood and let me explain why. Racism, the Chubbz definition of racism. To be retarded enough to discriminate and or hate people simply for the fact they are different than you. This has another word for it, it’s called Ignorance and closed mindedness. The K.K.K started cause a bunch of southern assholes decided they hated the blacks being freed. The Aryan Brotherhood just thinks they are superior to anyone who is not white. The Black Panthers were driven by their hatred of whites. It is not wrong to want change when it comes to you’re fellow mankind however making a party derived from hate that spreads hatred and ignorance against another people is just as wrong as anything. Everyone will read this and go “oh my god, he is bashing the black panthers”. You’re right. I think that The Black Panther Party is just as guilty of spreading hate as any other organization. Things need to change and I will give you that, but change doesn’t need to happen by force. It needs to be in the hearts of people. Honestly I believe that Racism among white people is all but dead now. I believe that most of everyone in America is now smart enough to know that being Racist is stupid and gets us nowhere. I believe we are on the precipice of either the biggest change in history or a full societal collapse. Either something’s going to change or it’s all going to break and this I know for sure. Like I said in my previous post that every human being as the perfect balance of destruction and creation. Let us all connect in that subconscious level and create something amazing. Whether you are black, white, brown, yellow or Jewish, or any ethnic background really which has been Oppressed and felt prejudice, don’t let what people say or do bring you down. Further and foremost never be ashamed of what you’re skin color is, and never let you’re skin color be the defining factor of who you are and don’t ever let it sway you’re emotions. Don’t give people the power you give them cause when you run into a true Racist person the only reason why he hates you and says those things is to get at you. Make you pissed, make you want to rip him apart. Don’t let what idiots say or do control you’re emotions. Stay strong and, as I always will end these rants, find yourself. Love who you are.


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