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The 15th

               The rain has never smelt quite so clean and the moon has never shone as bright, as the young lovers dance amidst the chilly night.  He drifts aside her as the clean air pulls, they come together as one and shiver down to their souls. It’s a conquest met for some and a curse found for others, but none can deny the beauty in a pair of dream bound lovers. The world won’t wait for a second chance, so when caught up in the music never forget to dance.

               The breath of a moment and the grip of a rose, the vision of the day caught up in a vulgar pose. You see the thoughts are like vampires and ferocious as bees, they fly and sting and take until they bring you to your knees. I felt the fall as it happened and smiled despite the pain, no matter how hard I try, I still smell her in the rain.

               I feel it in my weary heart. I felt it from the very start. I feel it every time I dream. I felt when I made you scream. I feel it breathing like a fee. A tossed out image and a stolen key. I felt you feel me in my heart. I fucking felt it from the very start.

               Then the rain came and washed the ashes of yesterday back into the blue. Taking care to leave not a trace of life behind. The moon will shine as another empire falls. It will stand vigilant as a reminder that dreams lost have still been felt and that joy, though temporary, is indeed a real and tangible thing. So shine my midnight mistress. Shine on eternal and hold my heart safe and secure within your bosom. My angel of the evening, hold me till I wash away, and know that my heart will only ever beat for you and our midnight dream.


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Ninteen Summers

               The clearing is beautiful and the perfect place for a camping trip. Alcohol and a lack of self control pave the way inside the fractured mind and isolation seems the safest course as it always does. The sky is clear and the stars are the second brightest ever seen, the moon is crescent and seems a sliver of a thing just barely peeking out. There’s a slight breeze flowing and the world is perfect except for one thing. A half soul is not much of a price and even the devil would need to be hard pressed to take the deal. Something seems to be missing from the moment and the grave calls just a little louder than yesterday, promising peace yet only ever promoting fear.


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Like it was written in the stars.

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When I need to Remember

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I’m not sure that the words will ever be enough to express what it meant to me. Not only the smiles and the warmth. Not just the faith that was expressed through open hearts and free flowing emotions. No, it was something more that broke the chains of mortal entanglements, it was the peace. Never before, nor since, has my soul soared so high into the infinite cosmos and danced alongside something as beautiful as that moment.

The hurt exploded from within our weary hearts, and turned outward at the only reflection that exists of that which we truly hate the most, ourselves. So if I were you and you were to step inside of me, the memories would remain as intact and pure as they stay locked within. The world would never grip or grasp the melody that stole the white noise from our ears and pierced straight through our ruined cores, leaving us only stronger and lovlier because of it.

And I love the way you broke the most. It burns of familiarity and pulls me in like a home I never knew I had, leaving my feelings of loneliness shattered and bleeding out upon the floor like a fuckin’ murder scene. Goosebumps followed your fingers as they lightly traced a circle upon the bare flesh that covered your heart and my soul. If I could crack the shell then I would crawl back to you and trade my life for a chance at redemption. Sadly the years have thickened this layer of brick and bone into an almost indestructible thing.

Death will come and I’m only ever consciously aware of this fact. What worth is there left in this blank grey world of dust and ashes? What can I do when the ending was written in crimson ink before I was even aware that I could love something so much? And I’m so sorry, I’m so fuckin sorry, but I can’t grip something that never stays still. And I know that as the sun sets at the end of every day, I know I’ll always love everything that you are, and everything that you’ve done for me. Death will at least have failed to steal me before I knew the joy of falling asleep, fully within a world not composed of a single being, but something much more beautiful than simply that. Goodbye love, and know that all of mine that remained left with you.

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No Matter

               Tendons and wires composed of broken inhibitions, struggle to hold the head aloft. The stomach threatens rebellion as will alone keeps the stomach spasms from inciting the riot. The pain has become as familiar as that little voice that never learned to leave. Whispers of frail mortal mockery leave a festering sting that only deepens as the coffin closes on yet another precious life. It breaks like waves upon a stubborn rock wall, patiently waiting for the stone to weaken, crack and break. Liquid flows like death across the path ahead, all the while the shores behind grow pale and dark in their passing. It’s something inescapable. It’s something that hides behind smiling eyes and molten anger. A measure of intelligence and understanding. Fade from memory much like the calloused hands behind monolithic stone. Immortality only gained as a questionable guess.

               Imagine a guess extended the length of time. Imperfections and insecurities stripped bare like meat from bone. A floating intuition left burning in the darkened sky, casting hope to weary hearts and tear burned eyes. Felt like a secondary heart beat that flees through the eyes once it’s companion falls. It’s something hidden there. Just behind the eyes. Imagine a guess extended beyond eternity.

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Passing Grace


Dreaming the day away with a sad sort of smile plastered against his face. He stares blankly out the window as drool forms in the corners of his mouth. The nurse is kind as she makes the rounds and dabs the spittle from his face. He offers her a barely audible sigh as a show of thanks, she gently squeezes his small shoulder before walking away. Then he’s back into that sacred home he has carved out in the corner of his mind, a haven from it all.

He is running. Moving with the speed of an Olympic gold medalist. He doesn’t remember when he started or exactly why he began to run. He just knows that he will never stop. He takes a deep breath and leaps thirty feet into the air and lands softly and nimbly. He breathes deeper the next jump, and he is floating softly all the way down to the earth below. The next time he leaps he doesn’t come down at all, instead he is soaring through white cotton candy clouds. He looks below and watches the earth get further, and further away.

A cry splits the sky and sends him crashing violently back onto the earth. Blood rolls from his eyes like tears and it stings like apathy. He can make out the faces of the people hidden behind the blood, and the crimson tears increase as a result. They were all taken before their own flight through a warm summers evening, through the ruthless autumn, and into a proper winters bed. Gone like the white cotton candy clouds and brightening night sky.

It was cold that day the concrete proved stronger than her fist, and his apathy was cured by the violent response. Pride dropped low and doors swung open. Its an instance that occurs in an instant, and is nearly impossible to find, let alone describe. It’s like a cool breeze on a warm summer afternoon. It’s much like a drive through red and orange mountains in the crisp autumn air. It’s almost exactly like curling up under a heavy blanket on a biting winter night. It’s almost just like… letting go of everything… and becoming weightless.

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