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Let’s Talk About Battleborn, Overwatch & Paladins Of The Realm

Hey everyone, so when I heard the news that Battleborn would be making a move to a free to play model I wanted to do a video on it because yeah, I’m still salty as balls about it. But then I heard about Paladins of the Realm coming to the ps4 soon for free to play and I checked the dislike to like ratio on the video announcing it and I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I don’t understand the type of thinking behind this and just had to talk about it as well because it ties in to Battleborn in a big bad way. Hope you guys enjoy and till next time keep being awesome. Love, Jaxxsin

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Destiny the Rise of Iron Showcases Bungie’s Reskinning Skillz

Even Destiny Fluffboys are saying something Activision!

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