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Thoughts On Exocraft Vehicles In No Man’s Sky

My thoughts on the latest No Man’s Sky Pathfinder update 1.2. I feel the same way about this game as I would any game that was sold to me half cooked and required half a year to finally update itself to working day one condition, I think it’s bullshit. With that said I can appreciate the appeal this game has for many gamers and I am not trying to take away from your enjoyment or even dissuade anyone from purchasing the game, on sale. No I just want to explain that what happened was fairly obvious and in no way fair to the consumer. If these companies need more time to finish games but still need to make the launch window and maybe even require the sales from the game to finish development, well they need to just tell us that. They need to inform the customer that what they are buying is an early access program. Just don’t run under the facade of a fully functional and complete day one title, then release a barely functioning product that has little to no direction and almost zero point to the overall gameplay. My thoughts, hope you enjoyed and as always everyone, thanks for watching and for hanging out with me for a little while. Love, Jaxxsin

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Let’s Talk About Geoff Keighley, Sean Murray & No Man’s Sky

neogaf thread

So am I paranoid? Or did Geoff Keighley know Sean Murray was lying and decided to stay quiet and not do the right thing? I dunno, but the whole thing smells like shit to me. Love, Jaxxsin

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Did Sean Murray Intentionally Lie to Us?

“What you find at the center of the universe will make you want to quit playing” Well at least Sean Murray said one thing that was 100 percent accurate when it comes to No Man’s Sky. Hope you all enjoy and stay awesome out there everyone! Love, Jaxxsin

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Micro Transactions in Battleborn AFFECT The Gameplay

Sadly I had to delete and block the individual and his comments I mention in this video. I normally would never pull such a bitch move, but this son of a bitch started reporting my replies as harassment and so they were being automatically deleted. I will never shut down any argument on my channel, but the second you try to shut down my replies to your comments on MY channel, well I’m sorry but your shit is getting deleted and your ass is getting blocked. Thanks for watching everybody, I fucking love you! Jaxxsin

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Underground Undercover Bug Still Not Fixed In Fallout 4, 3 Updates & 5 Months Later

Hey everyone, so after another comment on my Fallout 4 Underground Undercover video saying that they had caught the same damn bug that Bethesda said they fixed over 5 months ago, I decided to do a rant video about it. I kind of trailed out and went on to talk about how I feel greed is slowly, but most assuredly, killing video games. I hope you guys enjoyed and if you did why not do me a solid and hit that thumbs up button, if not man, hey click that thumb down. No bigs 😀 Love, Jaxxsin

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F*** Warner Bro’s & Channel Update (RANT)


Hey everyone, this is a video I wanted to throw together to vent my frustration about the Warner Bro’s and their BULLSHIT copyright claim on my video about the current state of the DC cinematic universe. Sorry for the anger but it was just a really shitty day. Love, Jaxxsin

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Channel Update & BS Copyright Claim RANT!

Hey everyone, this is just a quick video I wanted to do since I was unable to upload my Warcraft Movie review today. This video is half copyright/YouTube rant and also half channel update for my current and potential subscribers. I hope you all got a kick out of it and as always remember that I fucking love you! Sincerely Jaxxsin

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