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Happiness is Key

So this subject has been avoided, not because I don’t want to talk about it but mainly cause I didn’t know how to go about it. I feel like the entire world has lost their way. I watched 2 important videos tonight. 1 was I watched a youtube rant about how in 1999 the King family, as in Martin Luther King Jr., started a civil trial saying that MLKJ was killed by Memphis police authorities and many other federal agencies were involved in the murder of him. A jury of 12 people found the U.S Government guilty of assassinating Martin Luther King Jr. and I can guarantee nobody hears about this. The King family only wanted 100 dollars restitution to show it was not about the money. They just wanted this info out there, and well, look at today’s society. I swear if I hear one more fucking thing about marijuana being legalized or some crock of shit about gay marriage I am gonna go ballistic. Not saying these aren’t important issues, me personally think both should be legalized, but how in the world does every news station not report this? Fucking all the news stations just talk about celebrities, and why? Well America it’s cause you are FUCKING RETARDED. Now follow the bouncing ball morons, FUCKING RETARDED. When in the world did we become a society fixated on vanity and social interactions through a wire than about what is happening in the world today. When were comedians regarded as a good place to hear the news. News is the truth about what is happening in the here and now and yet the government has everyone locked under their boot like a sadistic slave driver about to crack the whip at the american people. I feel like when we became stupid we became lost souls, we sold what was in our minds for an alternate reality where nobody is really real. Facebook is the alternate reality, it is a digital reality that people become too involved in. At what point are you at a party do you want to post a status about it? It is real life, happening…you can taste and feel and see everything and yet you would rather talk to people who aren’t physically there with you about what you are doing? When did this become ok? This should be regarded as lunacy and pathetic. Because that’s what this shit makes you feel like. You suppress and suppress and you think “Oh I don’t have to face all the bad shit in my life cause 100 people on facebook will validate anything I say and love me”. Just suppress it all. Then what? Well that dam is gonna break free and all the shit you had behind it is gonna rush through your system like a freight train. You are gonna be one moody fuck. Your body has to get used to normality. This is step one. Now the 2nd video I watched was a video of a music group, who I never really care for, they have talent but they squander it, but I listened to this one cause I know they are extremely religious and the song was titled “Where’s God?”. Now this song goes off about how when shit hits the fan God isn’t here, and how he should be here to save us. Ok look, the only reason why Religion worked back in the day was because the public was more apt to believe a giant invisible guy will help you. Science disproved it but being atheist wasn’t really the norm til about the 80s-90s? I’d like to say? So you gotta look at what happened, so technology boomed. Huge. Uhm…Parents were failing their children, might I say Columbine for example. Shit started to get crazy, medicating kids. People started realizing that there had to be more than just God. This was the beginning, for when we doubt, the happiness we feel is replaced by fear and control. As the generations went on nobody really ended the cycle, parents perpetuated the bullshit. Kids grew up off lies, were told they were never good enough. To the point where the narrow minded idea of a singular explanation such as God and Heaven and Hell seem pretty far fetched. I feel like we all feel there is more to it than just that. Religion was the jist of the story just warped by mans vision and in the end what did it do? It made you happy. Happiness is key. Happiness can overwhelm you, make anything seem better, brighter, almost as if you have a new pair of eyes. You can deal with the weight of the world with happiness and when you die I feel as if Happiness saves us. Religion made you happy. God made you happy. You eventually moved on to the better place after this world because you knew it was happy. That is why I think religion does more harm than good now. Growing up I went to church every day, my parents tenacious believers in the L.D.S religion of which made them happy. However when I went to church I never was happy. It never made me happy. It made me sick. Physically and emotionally. I felt like they were just telling you a leaf note for their own selfish reasons so they can manipulate you. I see the manipulation with everyone in that church and it seems like a depressing existence. Yet people feel the good in it. Families live forever in heaven, who wouldn’t want that? So they fight for it, even if the “Prophet”, who is man himself, says to vote “No” on a gay marriage bill they still fight for it so they can be happy. God I feel started this big crumbling rock and gave us a choice, the choice is not so much just 1 choice but a plethora of choices to go through in this life. You have the choice to be a selfish happy, a pathetic happy of narcissistic addiction of just making yourself happy no matter who’s gotta die. Those are the ones who will go to hell. Then there are those who chose a selfless happy, one of pure intent. One that is magnified by a million in your gut til you feel the warmth across your skin. The feel that someone is going to be happier because of you today. Those are the ones who will make it to the land of paradise after this life. Those are the ones who in the deep dark slumber after your heart stops beating shall feel it still coursing through their being. Those are the ones who will reconstruct and recreate to make a paradise. To make it to our makers palace and take our place beside him. For he made us to eventually end up like that, he just had to weed out the weak ones. However it is hard to be strong in a world where everything we do just breaks us down. The future is grim and the evil force dragging us down just keeps building up the ticket, there are wars coming in the future and whatever this big scary force is that has been driving our heads down in the dirt has us right where he wants us when shit hits the fan. It has us hating ourselves and has us not caring about life in general. Life with other creatures or beings or ourselves. We are all a bunch of soulless people who embraced our vanity and ended up with nothing. We want to die and the force that will bring everything to it’s knees will have no problems taking our lives and destroying our souls. I don’t want to say it is satan but it is some sort of evil at work. Something not right, whether it be a secret world order or something supernatural, it is there and it wants to see us burn everything down. I fear there is too much gas to stop it…

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Good Medicine

psychedelic_marijuana_artTell me the story again,
the one about God.
Tell me he loves me,
that he truly cares.
Tell me he gave me life,
gave me form.
Tell me he gave me food,
water to live.
Fruit to vine,
fruit from root.
Tell me again,
how he gave me earth,
ground to stand upon.
Tell me he knows me,
knows me intimate.
Seeing me more clearly,
then I could ever hope to see myself.
Then explain,
I beg.
Explain how you can dictate,
what I take from this gift.
What tools I use,
that he gave me,
to survive.
Tell me again,
of how you know his will.
Tell me again how yours,
is the only truth to be had.
Guide me,
lie to me,
keep me safe from myself.
You have decided what your God is,
I have learned of mine.
Can you not just find happiness,
happiness that I at least know God.
Feel the energy of this creator,
falling carelessly into the web he cast.
Getting stuck,
shaking it off and rolling deeper.
I am finding the center,
trickling ever closer.
Let me be,
you find the center your way,
leave me to mine.
We will only ever always,
meet in the middle.
‘Jake Sellers ’12

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Divine Truth

tumblr_lysdrfLc5c1qizutyo1_500Purple flashes,
mixed with crimson,
blinding blue crashes into me.
Knees weaken,
one strength withers,
while true strength blooms.
Learning to fall.
Fall inward.
Searching for truth.
Finding just more blue.
Clutching the moment,
as if I owned it,
snatched right out of your unforgiving hands.
Take everything from me,
I will find it once again.
Never did I give up on her,
this ancient Goddess.
Breaking all that I could in search of her.
I reveled in the sound of the crashes,
got high on the smoke,
from the fire,
built so high and with specific purpose…
I learned to live to die.
Every last breath a curse,
another lock clicking into place,
keeping me enchained to the earth.
When all I truly wanted was to fly…
Then she,
the one I wrote for,
the one I dreamed for,
the hope,
my breath,
she came to me.
I collapsed in upon her,
with little thought to what she needed,
I selfishly claimed her as my deity…
I ignored the river and steadied my hands,
shook off doubt,
cast death back to the shadows,
and dissolved into her eyes.
The cycle repeats,
but breaking slowly ceases.
they give in to gravity,
fingertips lightly touching,
as the wind brings them together,
before the storm rages on.
Every wound drives them closer,
every shattered bone,
only strengthens the bond between them.
The blood rains freely…
blending and becoming one…
when it finally falls to the surface of the earth.
It flows together,
and upward,
winding its way to each of them,
pulling them down,
into each others hungry,
They find heaven there,
and each time it only bears yet more fruit.
Grown from soil they nourished themselves,
nourished with blood,
and tears.
Blood gives the roots,
gives the roots a beat.
Sweat gives the bark,
gives the bark moisture,
Tears of truth,
they bring rain…
healing rain…
cleansing rain…
never pain…
There they build rock,
to set foot in,
and stay grounded there…
In their own heaven,
surrounded by the ones they love,
Jake Sellers ’12

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So something occurred to me. Why is mankind so easy to lead? For the love of christ people. I mean honestly. Furthermore it’s not even backed up by a plausible reason. It took mankind to go so fucking far outlandish with their tales to say, “Ok, that’s why we follow a man with a holy book.” I’m not saying that religion is the only thing ridiculous that people find themselves following off blind and shear faith. Other people are often perpetuating other kinds of madness and in this world of drama suckers and people who make up an identity cause finding yourself is just “too hard” or some such bullshit. Not only has this been going on for decades but it has never been worse than of recent times. Maybe that’s what the fucking Mayan calender predicted, the fall of mankind. Who the fuck has time for 46&2 lets all just devolve into a stupid state of human beings hooked on their technology. Let’s all tweet random phrases instead of having a family dinner, we are raising kids to know and love technology and that’s pretty much it. You don’t need to love yourself, you got millions of friends on facefuck and blabber or whatever the fuck is next as a social network. Now I’m not saying facebook doesn’t have its uses but come on people. Nobody gives two shits what you ate this morning, or how good your work out went, or what other dribble you can manage to drizzle from your empty skulls to just perpetuate the same fucking madness. STOP FUCKING PERPETUATING THE MADNESS ASSHOLES! Now Internet can be very useful. For example, if you have loved ones, people you have actually spent physical time with, and it has come time for your lives to split and go their own way. Yes, this is why technology, I believe, is around. We created enough stuff to still make appearances and keep in touch with people across endless expanses. Blogs are created for people to have a voice. To freely speak their minds in an environment filled with the world. Literally the world. People from all over the world look to the internet for information for anything and everything. I have a facebook and a blog. The facebook mainly to keep up with family and blog mainly to ramble and get random thoughts out and about. I’m curious to see how many people feel like me about this stuff. Mankind has always been easy to lead. Always easy to enslave. Even easy to be brainwashed into thinking it isn’t slavery. Tricked and deceived into believing they chose the enslavement. Chose to do the things they do when all they are doing is perpetuating madness. It has been a growing trait amongst the generations of youth. I blame our elders. Our ancestors lived a life of lies and lived in a time of shoving shit under rugs growing nothing but broken generations of people who are accounted as adults but can’t even raise mentally healthy children of their own. Generations have been neglected, shoved down, pushed around, enslaved by the madnesses and then we just sort of grow into it. Never aware of the other side of what could have been. Well I don’t want to be enslaved, I don’t want to perpetuate the madness. I want to be one of the ones who break free. I soon shall break away from it all and sleep underneath the sun. Before I sleep though there shall be a thundering quake. A noise that will not be understood, a noise that will not be welcomed. A sound that will either save us or kill us all. However the more I see how they have been enslaved I fear the latter will happen first. All because somewhere along the way we became narcissistic assholes who show a complete disregard for that which should be valued above all else. Life. We are in it. We are apart of it constantly flowing and swaying with it. SO JUST DROP IT AND LEAVE IT ALONE! Is nothing sacred anymore? Has no one gathered common sense? Has the world really become so blind they cannot see where we went wrong? I mean, really? Life, from the beginning of time, from when we evolved into beings of such a higher supremacy and what? You want to fucking tweet? What the fuck asshole?! We are becoming so technologically advanced we have found planets that match the same atmosphere, gravity and oxygen as earth and you want to cut yourself cause some insignificant little cunt boy named Beiber smoked a little bit of Mary Jane? I don’t know whether to laugh or fucking sob. Who the fuck… let me stop myself there. Marijuana…is illegal…and it’s a plant…that never has killed anyone…in it’s history. However Alcohol, it kills people from it’s withdrawls. Yeah it’s addictive, it will slowly cut your brain from oxygen suffocating your brain. It also turns people into drunken raging assholes who got a rough deal from life. However a plant, that has been scientifically proven to help relieve stress, depression, help relieve pain from CANCER. One of the most PAINFUL diseases EVER. Help people come to find themselves, and you stupid little cunts think cutting yourself over Marijuana is cool? When the fuck did we become this? I thought we emerged from the Hippie era. When weed was just weed. It got you high, hell I guarantee 80% of parents who are against Marijuana smoked it in high school. Again just perpetuating more fucking madness. Like come on people. This is the year 2013. We went through the 60’s-70’s and it’s still not fucking legalized? That’s the REAL fucking reefer madness right there. Genesis 1:29 “Then God said ‘I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth.” Even though I believe the Bible is bullshit I agree, I believe God gave us every seed bearing plant on the face of the earth of which I list Marijuana amongst the highest. I mean it’s like it was created with us in mind. It alleviates the stress and bullshit of everyday life, of which is where a lot of problems lie in society. It opens the mind and helps us perceive things differently. It’s both an upper and a downer, without mankind tampering with chemicals. It can be eaten and it can be used for many different ways rather than being smoked.  But yeah, go ahead, kill yourselves because your false golden idol smoked a little hasheesh. Fucking idiots. Jesus. But do I blame them. Yeah sure, but I put more blame on the parents. Only in a world of negligent parents and such a high demand to live through an ethernet cable do we create a generation of kids who just feel bad all the time. They feel like they aren’t loved and they feel like they don’t have to love themselves. That’s why women are whores now. Cause they all believe they can just open their legs and have no self respect or love for themselves and as long as there’s that one guy who spends that night with them they will feel ok for the night. Now I’m not saying it’s all put on the ladies cause guys are just as fucked. We are taught that love doesn’t exist anymore so fuck what you can and get out while you’re alive. Then men and women get caught in the circle of karmatic fucking. Women sleep with sleazy ass guys who won’t call them in the morning and leaving the women feeling cheap and used, which by this point they tie in with sex which is why sex is given so freely. Nobody is their own friend anymore. Nobody takes the time to say “Hey, you know what self, I like you. Maybe I’ll keep you around. You are my best friend.” Nobody takes the time to appreciate themselves, they all have a low self image. Well once again STOP PERPETUATING THE MADNESS! You will find the madness everywhere. Fight it. Stop tweeting random bullshit. Take time to meet someone new today. Take the time too look in a mirror and thank God you are you. Thank God that you have yourself and appreciate yourself. Take the time to physically talk to someone. Don’t text everyone everywhere. Next time you want to converse, call whomever you want to talk to. Wake up. Eve was not created from Adam’s rib. A snake didn’t talk. Facebook is not a proper place for whining and pity parties. Youtube is not a debate website. Beiber smoked weed. Maybe you should? Maybe it would help you open up your eyes a little bit and quit focusing on what they told you to perpetuate. Maybe it’s time for the madness to fuck off and for sanity to reign. Please. For the love of GOD! Stop perpetuating the madness.


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So I Had A Drink Or Five

skyYou left me defenseless.
Tore me down,
left me senseless.
losing control.
Losing it,
giving in to this pull.
Let it take me,
drag me down.
All the way,
I love the sound.
I don’t care,
what have I left.
A broken shell,
with nothing but ashes to sift.
all the way down,
kissing your lips,
right before I touch the ground.
upon the rocks.
Begging for just a glimpse,
before the door locks.
Click click,
goes the loaded weapon.
I can’t even,
make it to heaven.
Bang bang,
goes the closing door.
Now only cold waves,
crash upon my shore.
dwells here no more.
However, my wings,
never again shall soar.
A victory,
small as me.
A loss,
cold as can be.
Under skies of eternal blue…
Lost in a memory…
of you…
Jake Sellers ‘at the end
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River Dreams Pt.2

It is human nature…
to question our nature.
It is human emotion…
that has destroyed all emotion.
It therefore absolutely must be stated…
that our ability to think,
is what shall destroy us.
Or rather perhaps…
our ability to hate…
to murder…
to take…
and fucking take…
that shall destroy us.
We collect trophies of the lost,
keeping them proudly displayed,
upon each of our sleeves.
What is it that drives us…
drives us to war?
What is it that takes us…
takes us to war?
Looking inward…
then outward…
then up…
then down…
finding little more than more questions.
For every question answered…
is but another found.
They keep piling,
and all the while the war machines,
they keep firing.
We are drowning in them,
answering and finding,
so very many questions.
More need to turn inward.
Remove the physical,
remove borders,
remove nations,
remove God,
remove yourself…
and see the river.
Watch it flow eternal…
watch it…
Feel the pain…
feel the loss…
but know love…
know happiness…
know yourself.
Find the center…
expand it…
till yours and mine…
Let us grow outward…
let us end this…
Jake Sellers 12
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Natural Grip

I’m a dying whisper,
a sad twist of fate.
I’m a soothing anger,
of mellow hate.
Open your heart,
let me in.
Open your mind,
please allow me to begin.
I’m a little off,
some say insane.
I’m slightly soft,
bringing chilling pain.
I am the fruits,
of their labor.
Every false prophet,
every real neighbor.
They have created in me,
a will to survive.
Little did they know,
I would find myself alive.
better than ever before.
anger roiling in my core.
I have come,
I tore a hole through it,
So do your worst,
do your best.
Beat me down,
and put me to the test.
But know this,
know one thing.
I have come,
Sent here to help,
help stoke the fire.
So give in,
give in to desire.
Do what you will,
what you will to each other.
Strike him down,
your own Goddamned brother.
Try to find it,
a little respect.
Each thrust only tightens,
Take her,
bring her to the ground.
But remember this,
for hearing it will be the last sound.
With primal scream,
and fluid grace.
I shall remove,
Expose you,
for what you really are.
A demon,
touched by the wish of a star.
A magical mask,
a villainous trick.
A broken neck,
and an exposed logic.
So before you go,
removing the head of a hydra.
Maybe think a bit,
and don’t go fucking with karma.
Jake Sellers 12

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