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So I Had A Drink Or Five

skyYou left me defenseless.
Tore me down,
left me senseless.
losing control.
Losing it,
giving in to this pull.
Let it take me,
drag me down.
All the way,
I love the sound.
I don’t care,
what have I left.
A broken shell,
with nothing but ashes to sift.
all the way down,
kissing your lips,
right before I touch the ground.
upon the rocks.
Begging for just a glimpse,
before the door locks.
Click click,
goes the loaded weapon.
I can’t even,
make it to heaven.
Bang bang,
goes the closing door.
Now only cold waves,
crash upon my shore.
dwells here no more.
However, my wings,
never again shall soar.
A victory,
small as me.
A loss,
cold as can be.
Under skies of eternal blue…
Lost in a memory…
of you…
Jake Sellers ‘at the end
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River Dreams Pt.2

It is human nature…
to question our nature.
It is human emotion…
that has destroyed all emotion.
It therefore absolutely must be stated…
that our ability to think,
is what shall destroy us.
Or rather perhaps…
our ability to hate…
to murder…
to take…
and fucking take…
that shall destroy us.
We collect trophies of the lost,
keeping them proudly displayed,
upon each of our sleeves.
What is it that drives us…
drives us to war?
What is it that takes us…
takes us to war?
Looking inward…
then outward…
then up…
then down…
finding little more than more questions.
For every question answered…
is but another found.
They keep piling,
and all the while the war machines,
they keep firing.
We are drowning in them,
answering and finding,
so very many questions.
More need to turn inward.
Remove the physical,
remove borders,
remove nations,
remove God,
remove yourself…
and see the river.
Watch it flow eternal…
watch it…
Feel the pain…
feel the loss…
but know love…
know happiness…
know yourself.
Find the center…
expand it…
till yours and mine…
Let us grow outward…
let us end this…
Jake Sellers 12
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Planted in Stone

I am laying down and giving in,
to the mother of invention.
I have killed every motive,
as well as every intention.
I have tried so very hard,
for so very long.
I have grown weak,
and then grown strong.
I wish I could do this,
I wish I could save you.
But not much do I know,
but what I know is true.
I can’t lay down here,
and wait for you to awake.
I can’t watch you¬†intently,
awaiting for something to break.
Just watch the war,
as it wages within.
Trying to reach through,
time and time again.
I cannot watch it destroy you,
cannot stand the pain.
Written plainly on your face,
watching your soul slowly drain.
Watching you weaken under them,
falling to the ground.
Watching you get lost,
caught up in the sound.
I have tried before,
will not try anymore.
For only you, the missing pieces,
may restore.
when next we meet,
may you have rock,
beneath your feet.
Jake Sellers 12
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Natural Grip

I’m a dying whisper,
a sad twist of fate.
I’m a soothing anger,
of mellow hate.
Open your heart,
let me in.
Open your mind,
please allow me to begin.
I’m a little off,
some say insane.
I’m slightly soft,
bringing chilling pain.
I am the fruits,
of their labor.
Every false prophet,
every real neighbor.
They have created in me,
a will to survive.
Little did they know,
I would find myself alive.
better than ever before.
anger roiling in my core.
I have come,
I tore a hole through it,
So do your worst,
do your best.
Beat me down,
and put me to the test.
But know this,
know one thing.
I have come,
Sent here to help,
help stoke the fire.
So give in,
give in to desire.
Do what you will,
what you will to each other.
Strike him down,
your own Goddamned brother.
Try to find it,
a little respect.
Each thrust only tightens,
Take her,
bring her to the ground.
But remember this,
for hearing it will be the last sound.
With primal scream,
and fluid grace.
I shall remove,
Expose you,
for what you really are.
A demon,
touched by the wish of a star.
A magical mask,
a villainous trick.
A broken neck,
and an exposed logic.
So before you go,
removing the head of a hydra.
Maybe think a bit,
and don’t go fucking with karma.
Jake Sellers 12

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another nightmare is taking,
another bit of my mind this time.
to stop thinking of you dying,
when I say I’m fine,
your eyes no longer do they shine.
Struck down,
to the ground,
blood like a flood,
rushes the concrete,
I barely keep my feet.
My shirt,
for my brother in the dirt,
don’t go to the light.
Red and blue,
flash around you,
eyes pour,
as you soar away from this place,
your face will never see the sun again.
Jake sellers 12
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To become such a pathetic
I had to crawl hand over hand
through a godforsaken land
Looking up into angels eye’s
only to have them turn aside disbelieving my lies
Angels meant for so much more
than a man shallow and empty
to the very core
So I crawled onward through the haze
getting lost more than once in the devil’s maze
Dying a little more inside with each passing day
ending up the insecure little child locked in a man
I am today
So I keep myself well guarded within these walls of emotional stone
That over the many passing seasons have grown
To such enormous heights I fear
That the only face I shall ever grow to truly trust
shall be the one in the mirror
But thus is the man I have become
Longing for death when some
Long for life, love, and everything in between
Can someone please explain what this fucking means
Why am I so ready to write life off
Why do I hope for cancer with every little cough
Why am I so hateful and uncaring
Why when everything I could ever want is staring
me directly in the face
Why would I rather be lost in space
than here with you
in your arms tonight
Oh I remember
that’s Right
Your not here
your merely a dream
and now that I’m waking your all that you seem
A fallacy
A fake truth
A lie
Something not all the money in the world could buy
And now as I lay here broken
All I can think of is the angel who looked away and left me tattered
I’m whats left of a picture less broken frame
Never truly knowing anything
not even my Name
I’m a tattered tapestry
But something more I’m sure
meant to be
But you tore that all away from me
The day you turned your angel eyes from me and left me alone
Heart dead
cold as stone
Eternally grateful to you
My Dark Angel
 for showing me
To never hope for anything
From anybody
Jake Sellers o7
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Sacrificial Rebirth

Lay broken upon this altar, just do me in
Sacrifice everything I am, let me reborn from blood and sin
Let everything in me fade and be free
Let discomfort fall away from me
I feel so strange here
So much feelings of dread, crippling fear
On the outside constantly
Cold, weary, and alone consistently
Transparent and apparently confused
Such an evil tool to be constantly used
Led like a lamb to the slaughter
Just leave me be, why even bother
I can’t be changed or rearranged
You view me as foolish, maybe deranged
How I wish I wasn’t the only one
Burning alone in the heat of this desert sun
My maker I beg you
Answer me one question, is it true
Have I fallen so far from your grace
That I am walking in the wrong shoes, wearing the wrong face
I feel misplaced, forgotten, and forsaken
How do I reclaim all they have taken
How do I become whole once more
When will I see dry land, a sandy shore
When will I find something I can hold in my heart
That won’t fade away and fall apart
Just give me a sign
I want to know how to make my stars shine
I want to know how to bring back the rains
I want to know how to calm this burning in my veins
I tried to kill him, this man inside
But listen, there is something I must confide
He won’t fade or be broken
He will be there silent, unspoken
But he shall remain the loudest voice in my head
Screaming till the world turns red
He will not be beaten, but stand strong till the end
He is my closest companion, my oldest friend
And he will not give in or drop
Nor be used as a common prop
He loves to love
To fly with angels up above
But his love is selfish and his own
He would rather end up all alone
Then to kill everything, he shall remain
Strongly standing through the pain
Till spirit flees flesh and bone
And he returns to stone
Jake Sellers 12
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