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Thoughts On Exocraft Vehicles In No Man’s Sky

My thoughts on the latest No Man’s Sky Pathfinder update 1.2. I feel the same way about this game as I would any game that was sold to me half cooked and required half a year to finally update itself to working day one condition, I think it’s bullshit. With that said I can appreciate the appeal this game has for many gamers and I am not trying to take away from your enjoyment or even dissuade anyone from purchasing the game, on sale. No I just want to explain that what happened was fairly obvious and in no way fair to the consumer. If these companies need more time to finish games but still need to make the launch window and maybe even require the sales from the game to finish development, well they need to just tell us that. They need to inform the customer that what they are buying is an early access program. Just don’t run under the facade of a fully functional and complete day one title, then release a barely functioning product that has little to no direction and almost zero point to the overall gameplay. My thoughts, hope you enjoyed and as always everyone, thanks for watching and for hanging out with me for a little while. Love, Jaxxsin

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Horizon: Zero Dawn Critique & Review

Horizon: Zero Dawn is an action adventure rpg from developers Guerrilla Games. In a time where almost every release is either barely functional or shipped with day one dlc and stock microtransactions, or sometimes even both, I find Horizon ZD very refreshing for many reasons. I mean after over 70 hours in this game I have yet to experience a single hardcrash. I had one instance where Aloy got stuck in a wall and was forced to load a previous save but Guerrilla had an update the next day and I haven’t experienced the problem since. Horizon lays out an amazing story that is complimented by the gorgeous world that Guerrilla has created and it is just nice to see a game come out that is both an excellent experience and actually functions the way it was intended to do so. Love, Jaxxsin

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Guide To All Trials in Horizon Zero Dawn on Hard Difficulty

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Thoughts On Ashes of Ariandel DLC

Hey everyone, so despite being sick as hell I still got a chance to playthrough the first DLC for Dark Souls 3, Ashes of Ariandel. I enjoyed the hell out of this dlc and it has reinvigorated my interest in the game as well as my brothers and my buddy Rien. We have all been replaying the whole game so it was definitely in my opinion worth the 15$ asking price as it yielded hours and hours of gameplay for all of us. Let me know what you guys thought of the new area and new bosses and whether or not it was worth it to you. Love, Jaxxsin

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Neverwinter Storm King’s Thunder, A Casual Perspective

Hey everyone, this is just a video I wanted to throw together examining the latest free content update for Neverwinter, The Storm King’s Thunder. Hope you all enjoy and let me know in the comments what you think of this new expansion. Till next time keep being awesome everyone! Love, Jaxxsin

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Let’s Talk About Battleborn, Overwatch & Paladins Of The Realm

Hey everyone, so when I heard the news that Battleborn would be making a move to a free to play model I wanted to do a video on it because yeah, I’m still salty as balls about it. But then I heard about Paladins of the Realm coming to the ps4 soon for free to play and I checked the dislike to like ratio on the video announcing it and I just couldn’t believe my eyes. I don’t understand the type of thinking behind this and just had to talk about it as well because it ties in to Battleborn in a big bad way. Hope you guys enjoy and till next time keep being awesome. Love, Jaxxsin

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“If You Preordered No Man’s Sky, You’re To Blame” – An Asshole Emerges

So I did some more digging on this commenter… he subscribes to The Know HAHAHAHA this fucking guy… who is telling me that I am stupid and uninformed… SUBS THE FUCKING KNOW XD XD You can’t make these people up man hahahaha. Hope you guys enjoy and as always thanks for kicking it on my channel for a minute or two, you da best! Love, Jaxxsin

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