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Psyonix & Rocket League Show Love With FREE Content

Rocket League and Psyonix are in a League all their own. They continually prove this time and time again with content that include maps and entirely new game modes that are 100% free. This game is only 20$ and is now available on across all platforms. If you don’t already own this game and you enjoy competitive multiplayer or even just racing games in general then I suggest you pick this thing up man. The value for your dollar is never gonna be higher as you will continually receive free content and get to play with an incredibly nice and accepting community of people. Seriously I can’t count the matches I have had with just awesome people that are very forgiving and give out cheers with the best of them. I just wanted to say one last time that I want to send my love to Psyonix and Rocket League, this is a game and publisher/developer that just keep giving and giving and asking next to nothing in return, or in my case absolutely nothing in return. Hope you all enjoy the video and as always thanks for watching you gorgeous bunch of bastards you! Love, Jaxxsin

Royalty free music provided by Argofox…

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Where Fallout 4 & Bethesda Failed, From Developer to Publisher

Fallout 4’s 1.3 Update is now live on the PC and is expected to hit the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 sometime this week. So it’s three months later and I finally find myself in a position where I can probably, maybe, beat The Railroad ending. The only ending I wanted by the way. The only problem is that there is a second game breaking bug that exists within the very next quest after Underground Undercover, the quest Rockets’ Red Glare and IS NOT addressed whatsoever in this update. So is it worth it to me to try for a third time to complete The Railroad ending with the chance that I will run into yet another wall involving Desdemona? Well I will just let the video answer that question. Remember that this is almost entirely opinion and it is not my intention, nor has it ever been, to disparage a game that someone else may love. My intention here is to simply tell my story and give my opinion on why I think Fallout 4 has been handled poorly by Bethesda. I hope you all enjoyed yourselves and as always were entertained throughout my ramblings. Love as always you cute pricks, Jaxxsin

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Check My Twitch Out Ya Gorgeous Bastards!

Hey everyone, this is just a quick video I wanted to make to promote my Twitch stream. I am gonna be doing a lot more streaming this year so if you are interested in a little good old fashioned entertainment, well then come check this shiz out! I forgot to mention in my video that I owe a huge amount of my DS2 skills to my friend Rien and viewers Sarge and Darikal. They pretty much held my chubby little hand the whole time and helped me find the right direction I needed to go. I hope you guys enjoyed this and end up joining me on Twitch. Love always you glorious geniuses, Jaxxsin

Song in background is Freedom of Speech by Immortal Technique. Do yourself a favor and listen to everything from him as it is all amazing!


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Top Five PlayStation Plus Games of 2015

Hey guy’s this is a video of my top 5 favorite PlayStation Plus games given away on the PS4 in 2015. I hope you guys enjoyed and got some entertainment out of this video and let me know where my list differs from your own. Thanks for watching you cute fucks and may you all have an amazing 2016! Love, Jaxxsin

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Bungie’s Microtransactions in Destiny Reveal Their GREED!

So I know it’s somewhat old news but I wanted to throw my 2 cents out there about these microtransactions that Bungie has added to the already overpriced Destiny. The way I see things is that this newest development just reveals Bungie to be the corrupt overbloated company that they are. Sadly I know that people won’t see it that way and will continue to hand fistful after fistful of cash to these assholes. Oh well at least at the end of the day I can say I tried. I tried to fight and I tried to sway peoples opinions away from supporting this kind of bullshit move in gaming. Thanks for watching and as always remember to stay sexy. All Gameplay videos used in this video recorded and controlled by yours truly.

BDobbinsFTW on Martin O’Donnell:

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Bungie says F%#@ You for Playing Destiny

So here it is, the reason that I am absolutely done with Bungie and Activision’s bullshit. I won’t be buying TTK or any other upcoming bullshit expansion for Destiny. They have given me zero reasons to continue playing this game. I am not a chump and therefore I will never pay 150$ for something someone else can get for 60$ because they waited a year for a full fucking game. Everything about the way that Bungie and Activision, or just simply Bungievision, has handled their fan base is absolutely disgusting. I have personally never seen anything like this in all my years playing video games. Never has a company conducted themselves in such a manner as punishing their day one players for supporting the game. Fuck Destiny. Fuck Bungie. Fuck Activision. Thanks for watching and as always thanks for the support! All gameplay videos included in this rant were played and recorded by yours truly.

BDobbinsFTW Youtube channel for the truth about Destiny:

BDobbinsFTW on Martin O’Donnell Lawsuit against Bungie:

BDobbinsFTW on Dark Below and HoW:

BDobbinsFTW on TTK and Luke Smith’s bullshit:

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Rocket League: Match of the Day #36


Today’s Rocket League MotD brought to you by that comeback baby! I didn’t play that well in this match because my nerves were frayed from the suspense and so I made more mistakes than I usually do. Luckily Toxic, Xempt and Chubbz were there to get my back and save the day!! Thanks for watching everyone hope you enjoyed and as always stay sexy sumbitches!




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