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So I Had A Drink Or Five

skyYou left me defenseless.
Tore me down,
left me senseless.
losing control.
Losing it,
giving in to this pull.
Let it take me,
drag me down.
All the way,
I love the sound.
I don’t care,
what have I left.
A broken shell,
with nothing but ashes to sift.
all the way down,
kissing your lips,
right before I touch the ground.
upon the rocks.
Begging for just a glimpse,
before the door locks.
Click click,
goes the loaded weapon.
I can’t even,
make it to heaven.
Bang bang,
goes the closing door.
Now only cold waves,
crash upon my shore.
dwells here no more.
However, my wings,
never again shall soar.
A victory,
small as me.
A loss,
cold as can be.
Under skies of eternal blue…
Lost in a memory…
of you…
Jake Sellers ‘at the end
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Suicide and Death in general

Alright, so I don’t know why but my brain is constantly circling by this subject like I have something to say about it. So I open this up and just start going to see what my mind really thinks. As far as suicide goes I can’t say one way or another my opinion. It’s fucked up, not so much the people are in the wrong, hell at the time they pulled the trigger they probably had a damn good reason, however I am not saying it’s the way out. All of us at one point in time have thought about suicide. It’s how you deal with the thoughts and live your life. We were all put here on this world for the universal purpose to unleash your potential and help those you can. However what happens from when we are dumped onto this giant marble to when we die all matters. Even if you waste potential and do more harm than good to those around you it still matters. It matters cause you are fucking up the people around you. It’s all about the mind. I know, I know everyone blabs about mind over matter or some shit but the thing is is that this cliche is true. I absolutely HATE it when people cry to me, who are negative, or just depressed about shit that doesn’t even matter. Oh? A guy you fucked doesn’t like you? You do know millions of kids just committed suicide while you were crying right? Or that there’s millions of kids in Zimbabwe who are starving? Grow up and be fucking glad that you live here, in this moment, with the people you have, and for the love of god with the life you have. So on the subject of suicide I personally don’t think it’s the answer. I have thought of suicide many times but never gone through with it. Not because I’m a pussy but because I honestly, truly believe that if I killed myself it would do more harm to the people around me than help. Therefore I would be going against the universal purpose and that’s not a good road to go down. We get one fucking job in this world and it’s not to die by suicide. We all are never meant to die young, we are all meant to live a long, fulfilled life. However this is not the case. Mind you, there are millions of people on this planet and each more fucked up than the last. Some even get turned on and enjoy snuffing the life out of people. Killings happen. In my opinion the worst and one of the true mortal sins is going through this life and squelching other people’s self discovery. Self discovery is key in all my blogs because it is the thing that helps us find ourselves. Helps us better to understand who we are and where we should go and how to get there. We all go on a one way track through life, it’s called death. Call it fate, or God, or just random coincidence but I believe there are things and people on the track from here to there that we are supposed to help. When we kill each other and kill ourselves we are just leaving those people stranded in the dark. Hate to say this but we are all born with the same shit in our brains but like the old cliche, if you don’t use it, you will lose it. People get dragged down and brought to the bottom of it all and forget how to get out. Imagine the hell you would be in. Being pulled down by everything and everyone and just scrambling in the dark hoping for a miracle. I had been there before. It sucked. I had help pulling me out, and now everything in the brain that I had forgotten how to do have been rushing back to me with violent force. People are not weak, we all just get to a certain point where we forget we are strong. We forget that everything we are and can be is eternal. We forget that everything we are stuck in is just pointless, mindless shit yet we can’t get out. It’s like a tar pit. Tar by itself when heated hurts, it’s sticky, it is unpleasant, yet it will not stop us in our tracks. If we have tar put on us we heal ourselves and move on. Some people fall head first in tar pits. It is up to every single one of us to help those we can, and if we cannot don’t do any harm on you’re way out of that person’s life. You may not be able to help them but maybe someone else can. If you have been dodging your moment to help well Life will tell you over and over again and keep reminding you. You may run into that person all the time, or they enter your life, these are the people you need to pay attention to, however don’t lose focus on everyone. There is a reason they keep entering your train tracks and all it takes is talking to them. Suicide only destroys the overall experience and path of life. Destroys you from every person you were supposed to help. Destroys you from yourself. Killing each other does the same thing. It is definitely perplexing to think about, that maybe, just possibly, you are here for a purpose. The purpose needs to be filled. However those who commit suicide and those who die from cancer, or diseases, or by another person’s hand, I don’t think they are lost. I don’t believe they go to hell or purgatory or whatever. I believe whatever God put us here put us with our brain, and in our brain are endless mysteries. He would have known some of us lose it, we get stuck in the dark and can’t get out, and instead of remembering we are strong we remember we are useless. Suicide becomes an option, to many people over reasons that I do not agree are good enough to end your life. However the only thing I wish for those people is that they may find the peace and serenity they couldn’t find in this life. Life is rough, it’s not for the weak of heart. Weaknesses like this are brought on by other people but you chose to accept these weaknesses. They push you down and throw you around like a ragdoll. The only advice for those stuck in the black is, shit happens. Shit that we are neither prepared for or ready to accept. It’s rough and it makes you feel the worst. However just remember that you are you. There is no other person in this entire fucking planet that is like you. You act, talk, feel and love completely different than any person. You are a human being  Don’t throw away the human part because then you are just being and never forget that you are strong enough to take whatever life throws your way.


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