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Skyforge: Gameplay On Kinetic Class

Here’s the Kinetic class you can eventually spec into from the 3 beginning classes. You have to earn “sparks” from quests, dungeons and other objectives in order to start moving through the nodes in the ascension atlas and get the class you want. If you do not know what the ascension atlas is this will help to clear things up:

You can get any other information about skyforge there as well.

The other classes are on my Youtube channel.

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Skyforge MMO PC – 1 of 3 starting class gameplay

Smooth gameplay on this new MMO, this class i put in the video is the one i chose to level.

You have to obtain sparks, which are used for talent progression that is very versatile and large.

Everything you could ask for in an MMO these days, i like what they have added to make every aspect of this game comfortable from, dungeons, boss fights, quest ease, followers that you can assign quests and level up, combo style attacks, big player base, outstanding graphics, great UI.

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