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I saw the construct being built. Saw the material, physical world begin to dominate the undercurrent. Saw them convince a generation that they were worthless. Saw them convince them that they should let go, become all visible, become base, become material.

I watched as they gave in, one by one, collapsing to the ground, giving up… I watched as they lived their lies. Contented smiles on their faces, I watched as they faded in, instead of fading out. I watched as they became the material that perpetuated the construct passing on the sins of the father to the son, passing on the war of the mother to their daughter’s. I watched them systematically destroy everyone.

I remained, one foot in the grave, safe from the material, ever searching inward, then outward, rather than searching outward, then peering inward. I watch as they try, they try to escape the grasping claws of the damned. Damned of course only because they built this world, we now must live in. Excuse me as I point out, however, that no one is making you give in… fuck the goddamned status quo, walk the hell away from it. Remember that everything you see is the lie. Everything they have tried to give you, you had since birth. Don’t be another cog in this broken machine! Just let go and follow the river down… let it lead you to peace and love. Let go the world… let it burn… don’t be caught amongst the flames. Remember to live… one must accept… that one is already dying. Jake Sellers


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Everything is alright

I remember the feel of stone beneath my feet. I’m not sure when it happened, but I lost it somehow. I felt the ground soften, then I felt the ground reach out and grasp me… and begin to pull me under. I did nothing to hinder its progress, I didn’t fight the pull, in fact I embraced it… made it my own. Then just when my eyes were seeing daylight, for what might have been the last time, and my lungs were set to burst… I saw it… a sign of hope… a brilliant burning star in the sky… a spot of Sun slipping over the horizon… I flex every muscle in my body, ground gives way as I slowly unearth myself. The ground continues to grasp, ever trying to drag me back down below… but I shall not be taken. I know things now… I know that the ground grasps nothing, for eternity, has no feet.


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