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Fallout 4 Critique & Review (GOTY?)

Here is my critique and review of Bethesda’s Fallout 4. It may seem at times that I am nitpicking and am complaining about bugs that we should all just expect at this point to litter a Bethesda title, but I really don’t feel like I am at all. They have been working with the same game engine long enough that I feel most of these bugs shouldn’t have even existed at this point, especially a main story mission that is bugged out to the point where you cannot even complete the damn thing! At the same time I can’t say that I didn’t enjoy the time I spent in Fallout 4 or the time that I am still spending in Fallout 4, so it was and still is an amazingly fun game. I just wish I hadn’t encountered so many annoying bugs and if I hadn’t then I am sure that this would be my personal pick for GOTY. However I did encounter them and my first playthrough of this game was ruined due to the fact that I had to turn on the people I had been supporting all the way to the end, and kill them all just in order to complete the damn game. That was unacceptable in a game about choice. Anyway that’s it for me thanks for watching and I hope you all enjoyed yourselves, also feel free to let me know in the comments where you thought I was wrong or where you felt I hit the nail dead on the head. Love always, Jaxxsin.

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How to Steal Power Armor in Fallout 4 Using Grognak’s Axe

Hey everyone, this is just a quick video I wanted to make showing my technique for stealing Power Armor that is occupied by an enemy. Last time I counted I was up to about 17 sets of Power Armor in my base so I promise this technique not only works but bears Steel Fruit for days. Thanks for watching and as always stay sexy everybuddies!

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Underground Undercover, Game Breaking Bug in Fallout 4

Upon further research I have found out that I can still complete the railroad ending but only by going to the Institute and killing father. This is still completely unacceptable considering all the hard work I have done arming the rebellion and staging the coup that I will never get to witness. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE! THIS IS A MAIN STORY QUEST! I can’t even begin to explain how angry I am. I am an ocd mother fucker when it comes to quests and missions in games and when something like this happens that makes a quest completely unbeatable, it tends to piss me off more than just a little. Things like this just shouldn’t be allowed to happen and I goddamn hope that a patch is incoming that will allow me to complete the fucking game the way that I wanted to. Later everyone and I hope that if you’re here it’s simply out of curiosity and not because you too have encountered this game breaking bug, because no one should have to deal with this bullshit.

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Fallout 4: Cait Affinity (Dialogue & Quest)

Here’s all the dialogue and the unique quest in the process of gaining affinity with the companion Cait. Once you have reached affinity with Cait you will unlock the Trigger Rush Perk which will regenerate your action points at a faster rate when your health dips below 25%. Hope you all enjoyed and got some information and entertainment and as always stay just as goddamn cute as god made you!

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Why Destiny Wishes it Were WoW & Bungie Wishes They Were Blizzard

Well on the bright side there’s only 9 more years of shit. Like I said at the end of the video, if you disagree with me, then argue your point. It better be a good point though because I know what da fuq I am talking about. All these weapon changes just prove how inept Bungie is at their fucking jobs and if you don’t believe me just read the Kotaku article below and see for yourselves the clusterfuck that is Bungie HQ.

Bullshit weapon changes:

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Fallout 4: War Against The Brotherhood of Steel Pt. 2 (The Prydwen Falls)

Here it is. The fall of the Prydwen and all of the hateful sonsabitches on board. I had to wait till I hit lvl 50 to take on these heavy hitters and still managed to die once in the process. Hope you all enjoyed and got some entertainment out of this and as always stay smexy you cute little bastards you!

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Fallout 4: Tinker Tom’s Weathervane & MILA Fiasco (Monorail)

This is a video I made for one of Tinker Tom’s Weathervane quest’s because all the others were pretty easy by comparison and this one just had me running around in circles like some sort of asshole! These quests are optional Railroad quests and if you’re like me you will want to complete them all because you are choosing to back up The Railroad. I hope this was able to find itself to someone who was struggling with this particular quest because I searched online for a solution for days, but just couldn’t seem to find any helpful information about where I was stuck. Thanks for watching everyone and as always I hope you enjoyed yourselves and got a little bit of entertainment! Love you all, Jaxxsin

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